Krakow is worth seeing...

Just look at the pictures!



"My only regret about taking part in the Polish Polish Course offered by the International Polish Language School of Polish Polish Language Course and Culture in Polish in Krakow is that I only stayed for one week instead of the full two week programme. The Polish Polish Language Course School was very careful in assessing students'  Polish Polish Polish Language Course Course abilities in order to place them in the right class.  The teachers were professional, friendly and helpful, and even though I was there for just one week, I learned quite a bit because lessons were very well prepared, taking into account the needs of the students.  The office staff were lovely, and very patient with me with all the questions I emailed them with in the run-up to arriving in Polish in Krakow
The interesting cultural programme included an evening Polish dance workshop which was great fun!
Polish in Krakow itself is a wonderful, beautiful city with so much to see and do.  I absolutely loved my week there and I am definitely returning within the next year - this time, for the whole two weeks!"

Barbara (UK)

"I loved my two week stay in the beautiful city of Kraków. The Polish Course was great. All the teachers were very friendly and took the time to answer all my questions.
The culture trips were fantastic. Trips to Zakopane, Wieliczka Salt Mine, guided tours through Kraków and Kazimierz & also the option for a day trip to Auschwitz.
I improved my Polish Polish Language Course immensely over the two weeks. Learning Polish in the classroom and using the Polish Polish Language Course Course outside of the classroom.
I met some new friends who all had the same aim as I did - To improve their Polish language!
I highly recommend this Polish Course to anyone who wants to Learn Polish Polish Polish."
Mark (UK)


My partner and I spent 10 amazing weeks living in Polish in Krakow and Learning Polish Polish Polish. Our accomodation provided by the Polish Polish Language Course School was perfect, It was only 5 minutes away from the center of town. The Polish Course was amazing, our two teachers were so helpful and patient with us. They adapted the lessons to suit our interests, which made Learning Polish Polish exciting and fun. We were amazed at the progress we made during the Polish Course and the skills we learnt  have enabled us to continue Learning Polish Polish everyday. The office staff were super helpful when we ran into some trouble with our visa and they went above and beyond what they needed to do, to make sure that everything was explained to us. It might take me a few more times to become fluent in Polish but every time I come back to Polish in Poland, my first stop will be this Polish Polish Language Course School.

Shaun (New Zealand)

I studied with the Polish Language School of Polish Polish Language Course and Culture for 4 weeks, on their A1 Polish Course. I was a complete beginner before starting my studies and felt that I learned a lot of Polish Polish Language Course Course during my 4 week Polish Course. There was plenty of chance to practice speaking and listening and the teacher gave homework after every lesson, so you felt able to continue Learning Polish Polish in the evenings too. The one thing I was worried about was trying to Learn Polish Polish the grammar, but our teacher's careful explanation of rules, combined with the use of focused written exercises really helped me to feel that I was slowly getting to grips with it. I know I've got a long Polish Polish Language Course Course Learning Polish Polish journey ahead of me, and if I have the time next year I will definitely be back for another course! The office staff were really helpful too and all of our questions were answered quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, my husband and I stayed with a delightful host lady who really made an effort to make us feel welcome. All together, a fantastic experience!

Vicky (UK)


An excellent way to Learn Polish Polish polish! The teachers take the time to personalize the Polish Course to the need of the student and the classes are not crowded. You actually have to make an effort to have nothing to do. Almost every evening, there is an activity that let you explore Polish in Krakow. Speaking of which, Polish in Krakow is a wonderful city to study in. Lots of little cafés (I like Café Siesta), good beers (check out House of Beer) and a variety of restaurants (even vegetarian, like Chimera) to accommodate all tastes. Since everything you need will be in the Rynek (downtown) or in Kazimierz (15 min by foot from downtown), you can see everything just by walking. I've been Learning Polish Polish polish for the past 4 years (it is a rather difficult language) and my vacation/Polish Polish Language Course School in Polish in Krakow have been among the best I've had. I am sure that anyone will enjoy their stay. Cheers!

Marc-Alexandre Dubé, Montréal, Québec, Canada.


This was my second Polish Polish Language Course Course Polish Course and it was a great way to build upon what I already learnt.  In fact, I gained enough confidence that I was actually able to deliver some of my wedding speech one week later in Polish. Thank you ISPLC for making my stay so enjoyable!

Robert (UK)


Up to now have attended the International Polish Language School of Polish Language Course and Culture in Polish in Krakow four times. I have found the courses well organized and tailored to individuals` Learning Polish Polish needs. Students are taught in a relaxed atmosphere, among friendly people who are there to facilitate Learning Polish Polish and to offer lots of encouragement. Although the Polish Polish Polish Language Course Course can be challenging at times, I have thoroughly enjoyed each Polish Course and I am planning to attend next year. Also Iove Krakow!!!
Angharad Williams (UK)



I took part in a Polish Polish Course in this Polish Polish Language Course School June 2011. It was only two weeks, but very effective. All fields of my knowledge have improved a lot due to the very good manner, and very good teacher. My listening, my speaking and my grammar have improved a lot, while all of our evening was free and we had a lot cultural programs also. So I had lessons and holiday at the same time. I am gald I chose this Polish Polish Language Course School, and hope i will have a chance in the future to return back and maybe for a longer period. Then I am sure I could Learn Polish Polish this difficult but nice Polish Polish Language Course Course easily. I recommend for everybody to choose this Polish Polish Language Course School. Great experience.

Ildiko (Hungary)

To tell you the truth these 2 weeks were one of the best in my life - it was a mixture of study, sightseeing and unforgettable fun with new friends from different countriesJ. Speaking about the courses I should admit that from the very beginning everything (I mean the study process, cultural program and accommodation) was organized on a high level and clearly communicated to me. At International Polish Language School of Polish Polish Language Course and Culture every student can feel the individual approach, which really helps to get accustomed to new surroundings and makes you feel like at home. In addition, the teachers here are great!!! - They are very friendly and easy-going and do know how to organize the work with foreigners in a proper way. As for me, I greatly improved my Polish and want to come back here again and again!
Finally, I must say that Polish in Krakow is a magnificent city, which spirit overwhelms your heart and thoughts from the first look and it's really worth while visiting it! And if you ask me why you should choose International Polish Language School of Polish Polish Language Course and Culture in particular, I'll answer that here you'll deal with very cool, experienced and open-hearted people, who'll take care of you and assure the best service. - Girls, thanks a lot for everything!!!

Olia (Ukraine)

The teachers are excellent, very enthusiastic and encouraging. There are two teachers per level, each alternating so that one teaches on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while the other teaches Tuesday and Thursday.   It helped me to go in early for a consultation when I did not understand something.  It is critical that the student should be at the right level, since this is an intensive class and if you do not have a foundation, you will get lost.  All of the staff is very helpful.
Regarding the cultural activities, I advise everyone to participate because they offer many interesting insights into the history of the city.  The Underground Museum of the Rynek Glowny (Podzemia Rynku) was absolutely fascinating.  I also recommend the free walking tours of Kazimierz and the hiking trip in Zakopane.  It was a wonderful experience!

Ofra (USA)



I can highly recommend the Polish Polish Course at the International Polish Language School of Polish Polish Language Course and Culture which I took for two weeks in January 2011 with my friend from Ireland.The tutors were very friendly and knowledgeable and the Polish Course enabled us to immerse ourselves in the Polish Polish Polish Language Course Course and culture in the actual country. The practical experience of Learning Polish Polish in the classroom and then having the opportunity to try out the Polish Polish Language Course Course in Polish in Krakow was a great help in to bringing the Polish Polish Language Course Course alive and in tuning our ear to what are some quite a unfamiliar sounds. Systematically Learning Polish Polish in the environment of the Polish Polish Language Course School with other learners and tutors has greatly accelerated the Polish Polish Language Course Course acquisition process for me and has made a much greater impact than Learning Polish Polish from books or CDs etc. on my own. After taking the Polish Course I have expanded my vocabulary and have much more understanding of how to pronounce Polish and how the Polish Polish Language Course Course works grammatically. My time in Polish in Krakow has given me much greater confidence in using Polish and has formed a very good basis for my continuing studies of the Polish Polish Language Course Course...powodzenia!

Brian (Ireland)


I attended Polish lessons when I arrived in Polish in Krakow. My plan was to settle in Polish in Poland, and thanks to these courses, I now have the ability to communicate. In two weeks, I was able to understand more, and even interact with my friends in their own mother tongue. The Polish courses helped to Learn Polish Polish more about the city, about the Polish culture, and to enjoy Learning Polish Polish a Polish Polish Language Course Course in a very good atmosphere. I love Polish in Krakow and now I am proud to say: Moge mowic po polsku!

Alice (France)


I used this Polish Polish Language Course Course Polish Course as a preparation for my studies abroad at the University of Warsaw. Before that I learned polish only with a book for self-learner. But after this two weeks of intensive studying and always beiung surounded by the polish Polish Polish Language Course Course, I am already able to participate in a Polish Polish Language Course Course Polish Course of the A2 level, which is a great
progress. I can recommend this Polish Course to everybody!

I used this Polish Polish Language Course Course Polish Course as a preparation for my studies abroad at the University of Warsaw. Before that I learned Polish only with a book for self-learner. But after this two weeks of intensive studying and always beiung surounded by the Polish Polish Polish Language Course Course, I am already able to participate in a Polish Polish Language Course Course Polish Course of the A2 level, which is a great
progress. I can recommend this Polish Course to everybody!

Steffen (Germany)



My time spent in Polish in Krakow this summer was an immensely enjoyable experience. Visiting Polish in Poland for the first time, I found my adventure facilitated by the Polish Polish Course, which not only helped prepare me linguistically to better navigate my way through the country, but enhanced my stay by arranging guided tours and providing me with any assistance I required during my trip. Through the classroom setting, I was able to meet other travelers from different countries, which greatly contributed to the overall quality of my stay abroad. I would highly recommend the program for anyone desiring an in-depth and unforgettable cultural experience.

Kira (Kanada)

So... a Polish Polish Course in Kraków is one of the greatest experiences one can have.
First it was just an idea for having fun during my vacations. But then, the Polish Polish Language Course Course, people and place are so cool that it's impossible not to get involved in the "polish air". Those two weeks were really productive and very useful. Also, the teachers and staff in the Polish Polish Language Course School are very nice to us! I can only say thanks for everything. I look forward to be back there soon! :)

Andressa (Brazil)

I attended the Polish Polish Course in the period October 10-23, and had a wonderful time in Kraków thanks to the friendly staff of the Polish Polish Language Course School and all the amazing students!
 In my group we had two excellent teachers who were very knowledgeable. Their explanation of the difficult Polish grammar was very clear. The textbook used in class is really easy to use and well-designed.
Even though I've visited Kraków before, I really enjoyed the cultural program. It was very varied, interesting, fun and well organised! It's also an excellent way to bond as a group as we all came from different countries and backgrounds.
 I'm very motivated to continue studying Polish thanks to my excellent experience in Kraków. I hope to return in spring and stay a little longer since a fortnight is too short to really enjoy this beautiful city and to Learn Polish Polish the difficult Polish Polish Polish Language Course Course.

Danique (the Netherlands)


The Polish Course offered a refreshing taste into Polish life and culture and met all my expectations. From the beginning of the Polish Course, there was a great enthusiasm generated by the teachers and they offered a wide range of activities and dealt with many topics in Learning Polish Polish. So, I was able to Learn Polish Polish a great deal of the Polish Polish Language Course Course after just two weeks despite the intensive nature of the Polish Course and having an elementary level. This alone, satisfied my expectations.
Regarding the program, it was very well structured although not all the activities were undertaken or included in the cost. Yet, it depends on the time of year and number of participating students. I would have also liked to have had more interaction with Polish people maybe via other activities. Nevertheless, there is more than enough to do in the cultural program and the Polish Polish Language Course School gives lots of interesting possibilities to discover Kraków better. Plus there is sufficient time given by the Polish Polish Language Course School to go out with other classmates, have fun and find out independently what Polish in Poland has to offer. In all, the Polish Course is certainly worth doing, especially if you are intent on Learning Polish Polish the Polish Polish Language Course Course, and thanks to relatively cheap prices in Polish in Poland, it is certainly value for money. If I have the possibility, I will return to continue with my studies there as I'm sure there is still plenty to Learn Polish Polish and do at the Polish Polish Language Course School.

Steve (UK)

From the moment I arrived at the Polish Polish Language Course School I felt warmly welcomed by all the staff who were friendly and informative. All the information about the Polish Course prior to my arrival was accurate and all my expectations were met in every aspect. The first day was for initial tests in my level of polish and I found that the class I was assigned to was perfect for my level of ability. The two teachers I had during the Polish Course were excellent and very patient. The lessons were made interesting, challenging but above all enjoyable. I did not take part in all the cultural activities but those that I did attend were very good giving me an insight into Polish
customs and culture. I have no difficulty in recommending this Polish Course to anyone whatever their level of Polish. It is my intention to return for another Polish Course in the future. Keep up the good work!

Gordon (Ireland)

LATO 2009

          "In my class (2A) the teachers were very good, motivated, dynamic and creative. I think the 'integration' so to speak of people who stay for a short while - like myself, two weeks, or even shorter - could be given a bit more attention. We came from a very diverse background as to Learning Polish Polish Polish. We were starting with masculine plurals. If someone had told me to go over the regular plural (non-masculine personal) on the first Monday after our test I would have been better organised to absorb the new grammar. In our level we had to combine past and future tenses, dokonane and niedokonane in our spoken and written exercises, and for one of us the past tense was completely new. (she did very well though, having a knowledge of russian). it was really a lot together. I got confused as well with the conjugation of like pracowal / a / em. In our last two classes we were speaking with prepositions and I had no idea if I was using a correct form or not. This is not quite the way I prefer to Learn Polish Polish a Polish Polish Language Course Course. Nevertheless, if I did another Polish Course of Polish I would certainly consider your Polish Polish Language Course School again. Having motivated teachers is crucial."

Matthijs Kronemeijer (the Netherlands)

          "This is the frist time I have visited Polish in Poland. It is also the first time I have been on a Polish Language Course Polish Course abroad and it was one of the most exciting and interesting experiences of my life. Why do I say this? For the following reasons:
1. The Polish Course was superbly organised.
2. The quality of teaching is excellent.
3. The cultural activities are diverse and really interactive, (e.g. the Polish dancing).
4. The staff at the Polish Language Course Polish Language School are so welcoming, helpful, friendly and supportive.
5. The cost is reasonable.
6. The accommodation is very good.
7. The assesement procedures which are used to group people at the beginning of the Polish Course are very accurate.
8. The students on the Polish Course are really friendly and it's great to meet so many people from different parts of the world.
9. Polish in Krakow is a very beautiful and historic city which makes it a perfect setting for your
Language Polish Language School.
10. Your Polish Course has given me much greater confidence in speaking the Polish Polish Polish Language Course Course and I was able to use it to good effect when meeting my Polish relatives for the first time in my life.Many, many thanks for such a wonderful experience!"

Frank Tota (UK)

          "A couple of words about the Polish Polish Course :
1) We were living at a wonderful old lady in a flat very close to the Centre. There was so clean in her flat, that I believe every bacteria was counted and killed. It was a little clean flat on the Kijowska Street (!!!!! interesting, because we actually came from Kijow) - so we say THANKS to Polish Polish Language Course School for that, because it was very easy to remember the address :-)))) At our "home" we only slept at night - super. During the rest of the time we studied and walked around.
2) school: everything was fine. Accurate and well-organised. It is hard to think of the
ways of making things better.
3) About the teacher Grażyna: ona jest klasycznym przykładem takiej niesamowitej fontanującej grudki energii, pozytywu, takiego sobie chodzącego życia. Takim ma być nauczyciel języka obcego Is it worth taking part in a course? SURE."

Pavlenko Sergii and Tetiana (Kyiv, Ukraine)

          "Пару слів про наш курс польської мови:
1) жили з чудовою бабусею, у якої вдома було так чисто, що напевно кожен мікроб був полічений і персонально знищений. Звичайнісінька чистельнька квартира на вулиці Київській (!!) -  за це особиста подяка школі :-)))) Як для місця, де ми тільки спали - супер-чудово. Весь інший час, вільний від сну і занять, ми гуляли.
2) школа: все чудово. Чітко і організовано. Побажання до покращення - важко
3) найбільше враження справила пані Граджина (вчитель польської мови). О-о-о-о,
то класичний приклад такого несамовитого фонтануючого згустку енергії, позитиву,
такого собі ходячого невгамовного життя. Таким має бути викладач іноземної мови
(шановний Маріуше, не забудь їй передати ці наші слова). Чи варто їхати? ВАРТО."

Павленко Сергій та Тетяна (Київ, Україна)

          "I had a really wonderful time in Polish in Krakow and was very tempted to stay on for another fortnight and continue Learning Polish Polish.  Both the Polish Course and my accommodation were excellent so I would certainly recommend the school".

Joanna Hackett (UK)

          "Hi, I'm Leo and I attended the polishPolish Course in the period Agust 9 - 22. It was my first Polish Course (so I was in the beginner class) but not the first contact with Polish in Poland. In my opinion the Polish Polish Language Course School is serious and well organized. I had two teachers that were pretty qualified. All lessons were not boring and they knew how to catch my attention. Attending the Polish Course during my summer holidays, I wanted to find time for myself so I didn't study much after classes. Anyway the explanations during lessons were so good that let me easily pass the final test. You have two books very simple to follow and easily understandable.The Polish Polish Language Course School is driven by a friendly staff ready to help you. Although I payed for the social program, I missed it. I already visited most places around Polish in Krakow but I think that if it's your first time there, it's useful to join it. I don't know much about the accommodation that the Polish Polish Language Course School can offer because I provided by myself. My group was composed mostly by young Germans people and I enjoyed the time spent with them. Hopefully I'll be back to this Polish Polish Language Course School if they will know to keep it in this way.The location of the Polish Polish Language Course School is quite good. It's far few tram stops from the city center. About Polish in Krakow...It's just Super! Ok, after this report about the Polish Polish Language Course School I think I need an English course"

Leo (Italy)

          "My experiences at the International Polish Polish Language Course School of Polish lanquage & culture have been very very positive! I have thoroughly enjoyed Learning Polish Polish and valued the high standards of teaching which have motivated me to Learn Polish Polish more.The atmosphere in the Polish Polish Language Course School is very friendly & welcoming & I have enjoyed meeting students from other countries.The cultural programme which is well organised offers students opportunities to Learn Polish Polish more about Polish history, culture & Polish Polish Language Course Course. Since returning home I have been able to communicate more effectively with my Polish clients who are delighted with my skills! I am very pleased to tell you that I am able to continue Learning Polish Polish Polish at evening classes! I love Polish in Krakow, it is a beautiful city & I will be returning as a tourist with my husband next year. I also hope to return as a student for a two week Polish Course in 2011."

Angharad Williams (UK)

ZIMA 2009

          "I attended my third Polish Course at Prolog in February/March this year (2009). As usual I enjoyed the lessons. The pace is fast, but the teachers make the lessons fun and weuse an excellent text book with CDs. It is good that speaking is a large element of thePolish Course. I cannot comment on the accommodation as I arrange my own bedsit. I like this as I go to the market to shop and get extra speaking practice there!"

Vivien Moore (United Kingdom)

          "I was in Polish in Krakow with my daughter and learned Polish in a group while the daughter had individual lessons. Both me and my daughter were very pleased with the trip. All the moments of our stay in Polish in Krakow were excellent:  beautiful city of Polish in Krakow and Zakopane  montains, interesting Polish dancing workshop and Polish culture lectures, very pleasant and friendly teachers, class-mates and the persons who organized the courses. Unexpected for me was that Polish lessons themselves proved to be especially interesting. Being 49 years old, I could not imagine that I would get such a pleasure from the classes.For my case, the majority of the students of Polish Polish Polish Language Course Course Polish Course were young people from Germany. I would like to recommend the courses also for people of any age from Ukraine and other states of the former USSR. Choosing the courses instead of ordinary sightseeing tour to Polish in Poland, one can receive much more for the same/ less money. It is not too hard to Learn Polish Polish Polish for people speaking Russian and/or Ukrainian, so the lessonsare highly enjoyable and helpful in the tourist's everyday needs. Besides, participation inthe program gives a wonderful opportunity to live in Polish in Krakow for 2 weeks, communicate with Krakow's inhabitants and see the city and the country "from within" (not "from sightseeing bus"). We have already been to Polish in Krakow earlier twice or three times with tourist groups. But, as my daughter said, we saw practically nothing in Polish in Poland until we came to Polish in Krakow as the Polish Course participants."

Oksana Stavinskaya (Ukraine)

LATO 2008

          "I was very happy with the Polish Course, I found the teachers very knowledgeable and  approachable and they even somehow managed to make Learning Polish Polish Polish grammer fun. I also found the cultural programme very enjoyable with lots of different activities to choose from. I would highly recommend this course"

Paul (Ireland)

          "I found the Polish Course well run and about the right length during the day. The welcome pack was very good and saved me time in having to compile events for myself. The Polish Course delivery was very similar to the one I had been attending in Lancaster so I knew the style would suit me. The activities were well thought out and really stretched you sometimes. Because I came onto the Polish Course midway, I really didn't have time to participate in the accompanying program. Instead I discovered Kraków and surrounding areas for myself, (Oświęcim and Wieliczka). Consequently, I've returned to the UK with many good memories of Polish in Poland and I am sure I will be returning in the near future."

Terence Murtagh, UK

          "The English guided tours of old town and Kazimiers were very good and the guide should have a lot of credit for this.The welcome and farewell receptions were nice, tasty and generous. And even though the ride to Zakopane took longer than expected, it was nice to have been there and to have seen what the mountains and the city looks like.The fact that these events were organised within the Polish Course fee is much welcomed and also worked to bring us all together also outside the classroom."

Lars Nilsson (Sweden)  

          "I learnt a lot, the teachers were great but there was very little academic support other than a 5-minute morning session, and the afternoons could have been structured better academically (study groups, free tutoring, conversational classes with Polish people Learning Polish Polish English, and an afternoon class time). Unfortunately there is a loophole in the contract that says if there are smaller class sizes, they adjust the time accordingly, and lessen the hours. But there is no definitive time and it is purely up to the faculty, and the programme, rather than the students. I would have liked to have afternoon sessions. Ours, with 6 students, was from 9.30 to 1 with a half hour break, which means I only received 3 hours of Polish Polish Language Course Instruction with a 5-10 minute tutoring time when I could come. I thought there would be more academic time, but there wasn't. This is a serious gap and could potentially be considered unethical in terms of advertising."

Sondra Cuban (USA)

           [Contrary to what is said here,  the  information  about our school's
           policy  concerning  the  number  of  daily  lessons  depending on the
           group size is sent to everyone who registers for our Polish Course,  so that
           it  is  known to our prospective students before they decide to make
           any payment.  Moreover,  the  information  letter contains the exact
           number of daily lessons in groups of various sizes,  so  it is not true
           that  "there is no definitive time"  or  "it is purely up to the faculty".
           To read more about daily number of lessons depending on the group
           size, see the section "Language instruction" -  polishPolish]


          Having taught high-Polish Polish Language Course School Spanish, I found the Polish Polish Language Course Course classes to be excellent, much better than expected. The instructors were polite, friendly, energetic, engaging anddynamic - very focused on maintaining individual student interest levels and fending off "concentration fatigue". They demonstrated an impressive agility at making appropriate adjustments to keep students actively participating within overall lesson structures. The textbook was also a very welcome surprise, well-designed and user-friendly, I thought.I will say that I was somewhat disappointed that only four hours of instruction/day were provided rather than the expected five, owing to the small class size. However, I don't think I would have been disappointed at all if the need for a minimum # of students to secure the full 5 hours of Polish Polish Language Course Instruction had been made clear in the advertising, tempering the expectation, In fact, the "up side" of one less hour was that the tiny 5-1 student-teacher ratio and the reduced time made for very fast-paced classes where you could push your Learning Polish Polish capacity as hard as your motivation allowed. I was very satisfied with the dramatic improvement in my knowledge base of vocabulary and grammar during the two weeks. And certainly outside of class there was plenty of opportunity to practice speaking - implementing grammar and vocabulary skills learned in class - in an awesome Learning Polish Polish "lab" called Polish in Krakow.

          Accomodations were also much better than expected. Nice location - building was close to Wawel/Stare Miasto, and Cracovia F.C. soccer stadiums. Nearby paths on both banks of the Wisla and in open grass parks made for beautiful jogging scenery. It was really perfect student dormitory - renovated interior, simple, very clean with relatively new furnishings in very good condition. Even had internet connection for each student.

          The trips offered were also very good. Tatra mountains - beautiful (make sure your shoes have ankle support); Nowa Huta - interesting; Wieliczka - fascinating; (working underground seems a little nuts to me).There were, however, a few administrative (really logistical) "boo-boos" in co-ordinating group functions - the result of some pre-planning oversights. Nothing dangerous or even serious, just a bit irritating for student(s) and embarrassing for organizer(s), since the errors were immediately obvious. I would add that, at least (and not only) in my case, the administration demonstrated what I would consider an acceptably competent level of professionalism (and good business sense). It took measures to both apologize for and, to the extent possible, remedy any inconveniences to students resulting from program errors/omissions.

          I had a fantastic time in Polish in Krakow. In my case, (24 AUG - 06 SEP), even the weather cooperated during the entire two weeks: unseasonably warm and sunny (read: jogging) Sunday-Friday, cool and overcast 1st Saturday - Tatra trip (perfect hiking weather); cold and rainy 2nd Saturday - Wieliczka trip (weather = outside the mine). Hmm, maybe the office staff was too busy operating a weather machine to plan all the trips properly. From my perspective, for the level Polish Polish Language Course Instruction, accommodation and after-class guidance provided, the Polish Polish Language Course School was tremendous bargain for its price. For it all to be provided in the setting of Polish in Krakow made it a crazy good value!! I highly recommend the Polish Polish Language Course School and look forward to returning to Polish in Poland."

Bill Young (USA)

ZIMA 2008

          "I completed the second week of a two-week Polish Course in Polish this April. I sat the placement test and was put into class 1B. However, the rest of the class had been working in 1B since the previous Monday and I had missed almost five days of lessons. Although I understood the aim of the lessons, I did not have the vocabulary to fully participate in the lessons and found the conversation element at the start of my first full day very hard as I had not expected to need to speak initially in that manner. I attended the consultation classes every morning and found them useful. I had already done the homework and the tutors at consultation helped me try to catch up on the work that I hadmissed the first week. Unfortunately, when we revised for the test I found that I understood very little and got quite stressed. Everyone in the class was welcoming and friendly and I was able to meet up with others for food and activities. I introduced people to some of my favourite eating places in  Polish in Krakow and visited a restaurant that one of my friends from my Polish class in Glasgow had recommended. During the second week, there were a few University lectures in German that students could attend but my German is not good enough for that so that only left one activity - a visit to the cinema to see a Polish film with English subtitles. The film was a bit bizarre but I would look out for the cinema again as they seemed to have a good selection of Polish and English-speaking films on offer.Also, I attended the Polish folk dancing at the local secondary Polish Polish Language Course School. It was good fun but tiring. We learnt the Cracovia, the Polonia and the Polka. Polish folk dancing is very similar to Scottish country dancing! The weather was much better than I had expected - I had mainly winter clothes and thick jumpers. It was warm and we were able to sit out at cafes for coffees and food most days and even till 10pm one night!I am looking forward to coming back to Polish in Krakow at the end of July for my next course!"

Anne Marie (Scotland)

          "I took a 6-week Polish Course there, it was suprising because there was no Asian except for me.I'm going to say "The Polish Course was well organised and teathers enthusiastic and textbook also great". I have met great European friends and Poles there.Thanks for giving me a nice expierence with the Polish Polish Course. But it made me stressed out though, because the progress of lessons was so fast. I'm sure that it was tough time for far-east Asian. Hope you create various programs for someone who wants to take the Polish Polish Course for more than 2 weeks.Anyway, I will consider taking a lesson in this summer Polish Course."

Byung-Ju Park (South Korea)

          "Hello people there in Krakow! Just a small word to express my satisfaction about my stay in Polish in Krakow. First of all I would like to thank Sonia, my host. She is so nice, so good, so... (I don't have the words for it). She gave me/my housemates a very warm welcome (not obvious when you see so many different people in your house) and gave me throughout mystay such a warm feeling that it was each time like coming home. Room/house was clean and very nicely decorated.  So accomodation: PERFECT.Course: as I am a Polish Polish Language Course Course instructor myself I must admit that I'm critical. We had one extraordinary teacher (Ewa), very enthusiastic and her courses were very animated.  You Learn Polish Polish a lot in a very short time, because she gives the right exercices and likes variation so that you can't but being concentrated. One of the best teachers I've ever seen.Unfortunately we had a very bad teacher as well, without any motivation at all and without any didactical insight. She gave us oral exercises and left the classroom instead of correcting us. The exercises were too long, one got annoyed. She received messages on her mobile phone and opened them. She watched regularly her mobile to look what time it was. She was not nice towards the students (examples on request). If I was schooldirector I would propose her to observe a lesson of Ewa or I definitely would fire her. But in spite of one bad teacher I really had a nice time in Krakow!

Ellen (Belgium)

LATO 2007

          "As a monolingual English speaker who hasn't studied (or even attempted to communicate in) any other Polish Polish Language Course Course since leaving Polish Polish Language Course School five years ago, as I boarded the plane to Polish in Krakow I suddenly found myself quite daunted by the prospect of embarking on Learning Polish Polish a new and difficult Polish Polish Language Course Course, let alone spending two weeks in a country I had never visited and staying with a family unable to speak anything other than Polish. However it turned out to be one of the most valuable life experiences I have ever had. The lessons were relaxed from the start, with our two excellent teachers making us feel completely at home whilst we progressed at an intense pace. This was assisted by our textbook and workbook which were very well structured. The pleasure I got from Learning Polish Polish. The Polish Polish Language Course Course has inspired me to take a further Polish Course in Polish at my home university. However in addition to this, there was the chance to spend time exploring one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, guided by the people who know it best. The information packs we were given proved invaluable, and the various tours and cultural activities supplemented our experience in a way that would not be open to tourists just visiting the city. For example, we were so privileged to be given the chance to be escorted through Nowa Huta and hike through the Tatra mountains, especially considering the extremely reasonable price of the Polish Course. An additional advantage of the trips and the evening
activities, such as the wonderful evening spent watching the Old Metropolitan Jazz Band, was to cement friendship bonds between the stu-dents. As a result I didn't feel alone at all and there certainly wasn't time to get bored. Of Polish Course the only bad thing about this was that goodbyes were emotional. Now I'm back home I am missing Polish in Krakow and looking back on my experiences with nostalgia. What an absolutely unforgettable

Rachel (UK)

          "The Polish Polish Course of Polish Polish Language Course Course and culture was one of the most important life experiences for me as a teacher and guide in Polish in Poland, concerned with the Jewish history in Polish in Poland and the tragedy that happened to our people in the second world war.It was a wonderful experience to get to know Polish in Poland from a different point of view, more personal and not from the Jewish point only. I wish to keep in touch and to encourage more teachers and guides to take this Polish Course. Thanks to the wonderful staff and I wish to keep in touch!"
Israel Peleg (Israel)

          "Thank you all for the fantastic time that I had in Krakow! The Beginner's Polish Course was hard work but enjoyable. The teachers were enthusiastic and lessons were broken up by fun games and activities in Polish. The textbook and workbook were useful, especially as the workbook reinforced major points from lessons and helped with homework too.The cultural side of the Polish Course was excellent. Everyone enjoyed the Jazz group in the cellar pub and a number of us bought "Jasminum", which we had seen at the arthouse cinema, on DVD. All of the walking trips were good and the English-speaking guide, on the Old Town and Kazimierz tours was interesting and entertaining. All activities at the office were good and everyone was friendly. My photos of Polish in Krakow, the Salt Mines, Tatra mountains and Auschwitz have had many friends saying that they want to visit Polish in Krakow too!Thanks again. I think that this was the best holiday that I had had in years! On the Saturday after the Polish Course had finished, I bumped into five different people around the town that I knew from the Polish Course - it was good to see friendly faces!"

Anne Marie Jordan (UK)

ZIMA 2007

          "I cannot stress enough what a wonderful opportunity and great experience this Polish Polish Course is. I made real progress with my Polish Polish Language Course Course in small space of time thanks to enthusiastic teachers and small classes. Polish in Krakow is an amazing place to spend two weeks with an active night life and a distinct atmosphere. On top of the classes, the Polish Polish Language Course School oranised some really interesting trips in around the city. I made really good friends with people from across Europe and Polish in Krakow. It's also excellent value for money!"

Calum (London, UK

          "The Polish Course was well organised and the teachers enthusiastic and well prepared. Lessons were fast and furious, but that is what an intensive Polish Course is all about. The text book and work book, both with CDs, are clear and colourful. The students of all ages and nationalities blended well. The extra curricular activities were varied and interesting - from guided tour of the city, to the Salt Mine, a good trek up the mountains at Zakopane and a workshop of folk dancing. With lessons finishing at 2.30pm and evening activities starting 4.30-5pm, there wasn't much time for eating and homework! If you have time, it is worth staying on for a couple of days afterwards to enjoy the city at leisure to enjoy one of the concerts in the churches or buy a ticket for the opera. I was lucky to see Don Pasquale, which was a truly excellent performance.  I will definitely be returning to do the next level!"

Vivien (UK)

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