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About us

 Welcome to our office!

     We welcome you to our office and will be happy to assist you in any way we can during your stay in Krakow. Below please find some information about us.
      Our two-week courses of Polish language and culture were first offered in 1997. Initially, we offered one two-week session during winter 1997 and one during summer 1997. They met with broad interest and were very well received. We therefore scheduled two two-week sessions during both winter and summer 1998. Since then the number of sessions and the numbers of groups and language levels in every session have continued to grow, and now they take place all year round.
     Since 1997 more than 5000 individuals from over 20 countries participated in our Polish courses. Our courses continue to attract more and more interest; our course participants have been between 18 and 73 years of age. The high standard of our courses and their attractiveness are shown not only by the fact that many participants have returned to Krakow several times to continue studying Polish with us (returning participants constitute 15-20% of all course participants), but also by the results of surveys which are conducted at the end of every session. The surveys assess all components of the course, and the average overall mark given the course by the participants is usually around 4.5 on our 5-point grading scale.
      Unlike many other schools that offer Polish for foreigners only as an additional language supplementing English and German courses for Polish speakers, we specialize in Polish courses. This allows us to put all our skill, effort and expertise into perfecting our program of Polish language and culture, paying particular attention to the special needs of international students who come to Krakow for a few weeks.
      We would be happy to welcome you as a course participant in Krakow and to assist you in any way we can during your stay with us.

Katarzyna Paczka, Marianna Knap-Illg - Office Managers

 Contact information  
 Office address:  International School of Polish Language and Culture
                        ul. Bronowicka 58/5
                        30-091 Kraków

             phone:  +48/518 158 901 (8am-2pm Central European Time,
                                                        2am-8am Eastern Standard Time)
                tel. / fax:  +48/12/638 36 70 
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