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Contact and Registration

 You may register:
    by e-mail:
   or by fax:     +48/12/638 36 70

   or by regular mail:

                        International School of Polish Language and Culture
                        ul. Bronowicka 58/5
                        30-091 Kraków, Poland


   Additional information is available by telephone:   
                  +48/12/638 36 70                                 

              +48 518 158 901 (mobile) 

         (8am-12am Central European Time,  
          2am-6am Eastern Standard Time) 

 To register, please send us the following information: 
  1. Your first name and surname, sex, nationality, age.
  2. Your field of study or profession.
  3. Languages you can speak.
  4. Your address, phone number, fax, e-mail address.
  5. Dates you wish to register for - please indicate session number/dates.
  6. Your knowledge of Polish (if any) and/or previous contact with it;
    if you have studied Polish before, please tell us when, where, for how long, and how many hours a week.
  7. Do you expect us to arrange accommodation?
    If yes, please indicate your preferences:
    - smoker/non-smoker;
    - double room (included in the course fee), single room (additional
      cost 50 Euros),  separate flat  (additional cost 150 Euros),  hotel
      room (price charged by hotel)
    - do you object to animals  (dogs, cats, others)  in  the  house/flat 
      you will live in?
  8. Names and contact information (phone, e-mail address) of relatives or friends who may be contacted in case of emergency during your stay in Poland. Do you suffer from any chronic illnesses, allergies or disabilities we should be aware of?
  9. (Optional) How did you learn about our school?
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