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Language Instruction

      For general information and the history of the school see: About us. 

     Our courses are designed for beginners as well as for participants at higher levels of proficiency in Polish. We welcome people of all ages, starting at 18. University students usually make up about half of the course participants, the remaining participants being professionals and retired individuals.
     Participants who register as beginners are automatically assigned to the beginners' group. Participants who indicate in their registration that they have some knowledge of Polish or at least some previous contact with the language take a placement test on the first day of the course and are assigned to a group appropriate to their level of proficiency (including the beginners' group, if their language skills appear insufficient for more advanced work). If on the first day of instruction you have the impression that you have been assigned to a group that is too advanced or not advanced enough, you may, until the first Wednesday, change to a group that better suits your command of Polish.
     On average, the participants of each two-week session are divided into 5-7 groups, ranging from beginners to advanced level. This relatively large number of groups and language levels allows all participants to be placed in groups appropriate to their particular language skills, it makes the groups more homogeneous with respect to the participants' language level, and consequently makes a strong contribution to efficient language learning [read more].    

 Our teachers 

     Our language courses are taught by experienced teachers who have graduated from language departments at Polish universities and completed additional studies in Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language. Almost all teachers have been teaching Polish as a foreign language for several years. Our careful choice of teachers for our courses results in the high marks for language instruction (usually around 4.5 on the 5-point grading scale) given by course participants in anonymous surveys conducted at the end of each course [read more]. These surveys allow us to constantly monitor the performance of our teachers and make improvements as needed.    

 Size of the groups and daily number of classes 

     The course usually comprises six units of language lessons a day (45 minutes each), five of which consist of regular classroom instruction, and the sixth being an instructor office hour for interested students. 
     During every two-week session there are usually 5-7 groups of different levels of proficiency. The maximum number of students in a group is 12; however, the usual number of students in a group is much smaller and averages about 6-7 people. Because of the larger number of  students registering with lower levels of proficiency, the following regularity can be observed:  
     1) Groups of 10-12 people are formed almost only on the two lower levels of proficiency, i.e. level A.1.1 (beginners) and A.1.2 (students with basic knowledge of Polish language). On these two levels groups with fewer than 5 people are hardly ever formed.
     2) On levels higher than A.1.1 and A.1.2 groups larger than 9 people are hardly ever formed, and it is much more common to have smaller groups of 3-6 people.
     Due to the fact that in small groups the intensity of learning is much higher, the daily number of classroom hours in the small groups is reduced, according to the following pattern:

 Number of students
in a group
Daily number of Polish
language lessons

 8 - 12


plus 1 consultation hour

5 - 7


plus 1 consultation hour

2 - 4


plus 1 consultation hour



plus 1 consultation hour

     The most common number of daily language lessons for a group is five or four. Groups with fewer than four daily lessons are formed quite rarely. For example, during nine course sessions in the summer of 2008, 50% of all course participants had five daily lessons of Polish language (plus 1 consultation hour), 36% of course participants - 4 daily lessons, and 13% of course participants - 3 daily lessons (in groups of 2-4 students).
     Students who find themselves in a group that has fewer than five daily language lessons have the following possibilities to increase their daily number of lessons:
     1) attending the consultation hours, which are not used very much by students from groups having more daily lessons;
     2) buying additional lessons by the whole group at a preferential price of 4-7 euros / lesson (45 minutes) / each group member (the price depends on the number of people in the group);
     3) buying individual lessons at a preferential price of 12 euros/lesson (45 minutes) in our school office (ul. Bronowicka 58/5).  

 Course schedule 

     Classes meet Monday through Friday. In the afternoon (in the summer only!) various activities of our cultural and social program are scheduled. 
     At the end of the course all participants receive a certificate of course completion with a grade.
     The detailed course schedule looks as follows:

  • first Sunday   -   arrival in Krakow

  • first Monday   -   only beginners have their Polish classes; 
                               all other participants take a placement test 
                               consisting of a written and an oral part
                           -   welcome party in the evening
  • Monday
        -  Friday    
    -   morning: language classes
                               plus the teacher's office hour
                           -   afternoon: sightseeing, concerts, additional
                               events (see Cultural program)

  • Saturday        -   a day trip to the mountains combined with 
                               a hike. Please do not forget to bring your
                               hiking boots.

  • Sunday           -   a day off

  • last Friday      -   last day of instruction. In the afternoon or
                               afternoon/evening - a farewell party during
                               which the certificates of course completion 
                               are handed out.

  • last Saturday  -  departure

     It is possible to arrange for additional, individual language lessons in the afternoons.

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