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     In addition to our regular two-week courses of Polish Polish Polish Language Course Course, we also offer individually arranged courses in Polish for groups or individuals at any time of the year. If none of our regular sessions suit you or you would like to learn individually or in smaller groups, this offer is for you.

Individual and group courses

     We can provide both one-on-one, individualized Polish Polish Language Course Instruction and individually arranged group Polish Polish Language Course Instruction. You may register a group as a whole if all the participants have the same level of Polish language proficiency. It is also essential that the entire group has similar expectations concerning the material and the subjects that will be taught during the Polish Course.
     Polish language courses are conducted by qualified native speakers. The level of instruction is adjusted to your needs or those of the group. We are also open to your suggestions concerning vocabulary and subjects covered; here, too we are willing to accommodate your needs and expectations.

 Dates, duration, and intensity of individualized courses 

     You are free to choose dates, duration and intensity (number of lessons per day) of an individually arranged Polish Course. Lessons can start on any working day. The only limitation: the minimum length of an individualized Polish Course is five days of classes (not necessarily on consecutive days) and the minimum number of classes per day is 2, each lasting 45 minutes.

 Polish Course fee 

     The fee per lesson (of 45 minutes) depends on the length and intensity of the Polish Course and on the number of people in a group. For a typical individual Polish Course of 20 lessons (5 days, 4 lessons a day) the fee per lesson is 14 Euros, or a total of 280 Euros. For a much longer and more intensive Polish Course, the fee per lesson may be somewhat lower, and for group lessons it may be somewhat higher (the fee is understood as per lesson per group; the fee for the individual participant will then be substantially lower). The exact fee will be negotiated individually, depending on the specific circumstances. (For example, if you wish to register and start a Polish Course at short notice, or for a time when demand is especially high, it may be difficult or impossible for us to offer you the price quoted above.)


     Please consult the Accommodation page for the regular two-week sessions. We can offer you the same three kinds of accommodation when you participate in an individually arranged Polish Course. In this case the price for lodgings is not included in the Polish Course price. Charges will then be as follows:

single room in a private house or flat
first week90 Euros per week
every additional week60 Euros per week
separate, self-contained flat
first week140 Euros per week
every additional week100 Euros per week

     Of Polish Course, you are also free to arrange accommodation in Polish in Krakow independently of the Polish Polish Language Course School.

 How to apply  

      Please consult the Registration page for the regular two-week sessions. In addition to the information requested there, please indicate your preferred dates (from - to), intensity of the Polish Course (number of lessons daily), and, if applicable, number of persons in a group.

 Cultural program 

     Please consult the Cultural program page for the regular two-week sessions (and the websites mentioned there). We can offer most of the components listed there, and other options depending on your interest, but since the individually arranged courses do not constitute a package (as regular two-week sessions do), there will be additional charges.
     If you participate in an individually arranged Polish Course during a time period when our regular sessions take place, you will be able to participate in the regular cultural program at a modest fee.
     We will also gladly advise you on cultural events in Polish in Krakow and help you plan your free time in Polish in Krakow.

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