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Travel tips

 Health insurance 

     As the course fee does not include health insurance, you are respon-sible for buying your own health/travel insurance for your stay in Krakow if your regular health insurance does not cover medical expenses in-curred in Poland.

    The official Polish currency is Polish Zloty (PLN). 1 zloty equals 100 groszy. The approximate rates of exchange are as follows:
    1 EURO = 4.18 Polish Zlotys
    1 USD (U.S. Dollar) = 3.28 Polish Zlotys
    1 GBP (British Pound) = 5.22 Polish Zlotys
    1 CHF (Swiss Franc) = 3.46 Polish Zlotys

     You can check the current exchange rates e.g. at or Money can be exchanged at banks or numerous exchange bureaus (Polish: "Kantor"). The exchange bureaus closer to the city center usually offer better rates than banks or those exchange bureaus that are situated at the airport or railway station (the difference between buy and sell rate should not exceed 2%).    

 Travel to Krakow 

   You are responsible for your own travel arrangements. The following information may be helpful in planning your trip to Krakow.

By plane

It is now possible to reach Krakow at bargain fares (starting at 30 Euros one-way) with the low-cost airlines. Of course you have to book very early for the best fares, but even if you book just a few weeks in advance you can usually find a very reasonable fare. The following low-cost airlines offer direct flights to Krakow:

AerlingusAir Berlin, Brussels AirlinesEasyjet, Germanwings,, Norwegian and Ryanair

      In addition, non-stop flights to Krakow are offered by the following regular airlines:

 Austrian AirlinesLOT Polish Airlines 
 British AirwaysLufthansa 

     Please consult the website of the Kraków-Balice Airport for more detailed information.

     There is another low-cost airline, Wizzair , which offer flights to Katowice (100 km from Krakow) and Warsaw (300 km from Krakow) from over 20 European cities.
     From the airport in Katowice-Pyrzowice you can take a direct bus to Krakow. The travel is organized by the Matuszek travel office and takes about 1.5-2 hours. A ticket costs approximately 40-50 Polish Zlotys. On their websites you will find more information and you can make your ticket reservation.

By train

If you are traveling via Warsaw, you can take advantage of the convenient express or InterCity train connection to Cracow. Trains run every 1-2 hours and the journey lasts circa three hours; tickets (second class) cost 97 zlotys(express train) or 107 zlotys (InterCity). Timetables can be found at (InterCity and express trains only) or (Warsaw's main railway station is called "Warszawa Centralna" and Cracow's main railway station is "Kraków Główny").
You can also travel to Cracow directly from the following European cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Lviv (Lemberg).

By bus

There is also a number of inexpensive bus connections between Krakow and London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Geneva, Zurich, Vienna, and many German cities (e.g. Aachen, Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Hannover, Koblenz, Mannheim, Munich, Stuttgart, Ulm).
For additional bus connections, look at

By car

     The A4 expressway from Poland's western border to Cracow has recently been extended through the densely populated area of Upper Silesia. Two thirds of the distance between the western border and Cracow can now be covered using a modern expressway (from Wroclaw to Cracow), which makes it possible to drive more than 400 km in 4-5 hours.

Upon entering the motorway between Katowice and Krakow, the motorway toll is charged (circa 18 zlotys for a car). The toll can be paid in euros, dollars or zlotys.

Expressways and other four-lane highways connect Cracow also with Vienna (400 km) and Prague (550 km). The border crossing is at Cieszyn, and the travel time is circa 5 hours from Vienna and 6-7 hours from Prague.

 After the arrival in Krakow: 

   As the railway and bus stations are situated in the city center, you can easily take a bus or tram from there to your lodgings. Detailed information about public transport in Krakow (unfortunately in Polish only) is at

  If you arrive in Cracow by air, you should know that the airport in Krakow-Balice is 11 km away from the city center. In order to get to the city centre from the airport, you can take a bus (either the bus number 208 or 292) which is a relatively convenient and quite inexpensive means of transport. Tickets cost about 3 zlotys; The tickets can be purchased at a ticket vending machine in the bus or at the bus stop, and they must be validated in one of the ticket punchers inside the vehicle.

  Since May 2006, a train connecting the Cracow airport with the city centre has been running. The train station is situated about 200 m from the airport's main terminal. It's easily accessible on foot or with a free bus. The train ride from the airport to the main railway station lasts 15 minutes. Tickets cost 15 zlotys and are sold by the driver. If you prefer to take a taxi, we recommend RADIO TAXI cabs (these are cabs marked with RADIO TAXI or a symbol of the taxi company and their telephone number). RADIO TAXI cabs are usually less expensive than others. The fare from the airport to the city center may be up to 50 zlotys Monday through Saturday 6 a.m. until 10 p.m., and up to 80 zlotys on Sundays and holidays, as well as every day after 10 p.m. Short distances (2-4 km) within the city limits cost about 10-15 zlotys Monday through Saturday until 10 p.m.   


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