Krakow is worth seeing...

Just look at the pictures!




the ancient seat of Polish kings and Poland's most beautiful city

Now you can reach Krakow at bargain fares
from many European cities with the following low-cost airlines:
AerlingusAir Berlin, Brussels AirlinesEasyjet, Germanwings,, Norwegian and Ryanair!
You can also fly non-stop to Krakow from Chicago!

Since 1997 more than 5000 individuals from over 20 countries have participated in our Polish courses,
and the numbers are increasing every year - come and join us this year!

                                    REGULAR COURSES

                        The fee of  390 Euros includes:
  •  Five* 45-minute lessons daily, at between 5 and 7 different levels (including beginners), plus one consultation hour;
  • Accommodation in double rooms in private houses or flats; a single room available
    for additional 50 Euros; a separate flat for additional 150 Euros


The fee of  420 Euros includes:

Five* 45-minute lessons daily and accommodation (see above) as well as additional cultural program:

  • guided tour of Old Krakow;
  • welcome and farewell parties;
  • one-day trip to the mountains;
  • Polish folk dance workshop, evening concerts and other events.

              *When smaller groups are formed, the number of daily lessons may be reduced (see more details)

The courses last 2 weeks. It is possible to enroll in
several consecutive sessions or course weeks all year long.

Discounts for students and unemployed up to the age of 26 as well as for participants who enroll in two or more consecutive two-week sessions.

For more information contact us:

International School of Polish Language and Culture
ul. Bronowicka 58/5, 30-091 Kraków, Poland
Tel: 00 48/12/638 08 69 
Fax: 00 48/12/638 36 70


Telephone information available from 8 a.m. till 2 p.m. Central European Time (2 a.m. till 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time)



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